Kakicopy is a brand developed by our company DZ Creative ventures in the year of 2013. The idea of kakicopy was created to show how diligently we are in this photocopy industry. ‘kaki’ is referred to one who have high interest in something in Malay language while ‘copy’ is referred to photocopy work in English.

The director of this company is Muhammad Danial Zainal. A young, energetic, high spirited man who had faced a long turbulence journey in this industry. Together with the team, we want to provide the best photocopy and printing experience to our customer’s need.

Kakicopy is specialised in photocopy work but we also do various kind of printing such as digital, inkjet and offset.

So do not hesitate.

Keep calm.

And let us do all the printing works.


  • To meet the customer’s need with optimum period at any cause (express printing, online order and delivery services).

  • To fasten the printing work and lower down the operating costs through the improvement of man’s power and technological advancement.

  • To power up the profit and rolling fund.

  • To ease customer for getting the printing services at any Kakicopy branches all over Malaysia in and outside of the campus (easy access).


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